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Digicon Online Version (David Pena)

Until 2 years ago, my firm utilized a proprietary funeral home management software programĀ  that I developed in 2007 that was easy and functional, but it had its limitations:

  • It was only functional on PC's that had the program installed
  • New updates had to be updated on every computer, every time
  • Changes made on one computer had to constantly be manually synced with the server
  • Updates to Windows and then Windows 10 made my program slow and cumbersome
  • Eventually, my program became a weighted anchor that kept my entire organization bound to PCs, while most of my staff had adopted and embraced Apple Macs, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks, etc. for everyday use and mobility
  • Sound familiar?

We embraced Digicon years ago because it fit well with our tech-heavy model, and there have only been a very few number of pre-need contracts that we have written manually since then.

In 2015 , we moved to a cloud-based funeral home management software that has given us a tremendous amount freedom and has saved us a lot of time.

At this point, Digicon remains the only software that we use, aside from our legacy archive system, that keeps bound to PCs.

It would seem that a cloud-based version of Digicon (or new name altogether), with the same look and feel and ease-of-use of what we are developing here, is the way to go. If an agent is with a client, the software looks and displays exactly what the client would see if they do it themselves.

This could also keep the new client-user software from being seen as 'the enemy' by agents who stand to make less money or no money at all through contracts written this way.

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  • Aug 10 2017
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